Adsense Calculator

About Adsense Calculator

Firstly, for those who have no or some idea of Google Adsense or simply AdSense. Let us understand what Google AdSense is. You find different right and wrong information on the internet about AdSense. Adsense is an advertisement publishing program or service by Google for the website content or YouTube video publishers, who want to display some specific text, video, or image advertisements and earn money when visitors view or click the advertisement. There are millions of billions of websites on the internet, when a visitor visits a website one sees a different type of content like videos, text, images, graphs, etc. Along with these website contents, some advertisements are also found on websites. Interaction of visitor with these advertisements, that may be images, videos, etc, is beneficial for website owners and the owner gets the amount in his or her Adsense account. If you are a website or blog owner, you can also apply for AdSense advertisements and can earn money through ads. Now you have an idea of why we need this AdSense calculator. The Google AdSense Calculator is used to estimate your google AdSense earnings based on page impressions (page view), page CTR (click-through rate), and cost-per-click. 

How does the Adsense calculator work?

This tool ‘Website reviewer’ is free of cost and easy to use online web-based tools. When you get into this tool you see three input fields, daily page impression, click-through rate, and daily page impression or visits. All of these values are present in your AdSense account you can get these values against your website from your Adsense account. Daily visitors of your page are your page impression, clicks against the total impression of advertisement is CTR, and price per click is price against one click on the advertisement. Fill in the required fields and calculate your Adsense earning through just one click. Adsense earning formula is CPC*CTR*views. Also Check Our Reverse Image Search Tool.

What is the benefit of using the AdSense Calculator tool?

As mentioned above that calculating AdSense earning is a bit technical. Who needs more than a free of cost, all devices compatible, user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) tool where you only need to enter values from your AdSense account and without knowing the technicalities of calculating AdSense earning, you can calculate your per day, per month, and per year earning. This tool, in one click, tells you what you have and what could be your earning with this rate of Click-through rate, page impression, and Cost per Click.