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About Article Scraper

The developers of goseotools make an addition of a smart SEO tool that is known as Article scraper. This tool will quickly pull highly-relevant data from the different number of websites on your targeted keywords. 

Don’t fret; this Article scraper works best for you as it fetches your desired, niche-relevant content whenever you need it. 

Basic Functionality of Article Scraper Tool:

Sometimes this tool is also referred to as content scraper that extracts information from multiple websites. This smart and advanced SEO tool offer you ease o finding what type of content is there against a ‘specific keyword’ or even what content is published on the competitor’s website.

Additionally, you can go through to each site individually, scroll through the site and copy & paste every single article of websites into a word document. But, that is a great deal of work, which may take ample weeks and months to terminate the procedure. 

In fact, there are some websites that are loaded with hundreds or perhaps tens of thousands of archived blog posts, which you may need to sort through. Instead, you can utilize this article scraper to scrap those articles, titles along with metadata descriptions on a single click within a couple of seconds. Also Check Our Reverse Image Search Tool.

How Does Our Article Scraper Works:

The Article scraper by goseotools instantly scrapes hundreds of articles and extracts text, titles, and Meta for later use. All you need to add your targeted keyword or the content topic and this content scraper will immediately fetch your tens of hundreds of niche-relevant and related articles through worldwide sites. By doing so, you will get a bulk of content on your given topic. Well, you just have to stick to the following steps, to fetch the best outcomes by this efficient and reliable article scraper.

  • First of all, you have to enter your desired keyword or content topic in the designated field of this tool

  • Very next, you have to select the source from where you want to harvest the articles

  • Right after, you ought to select how many articles you want per scrape round, it can either be 10, 20, or 30

  • Once done, hit the scrape button, this content scraper will immediately fetch the required number of article on your set keywords