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About Broken Links Finder

The source of goseotools makes an addition of a smart tool known as a broken links finder tool. This tool helps you to enquire about the broken, unpleasant and also not found links. Remember that backlinks are clickable links that refer you to somewhere. When you make a click on any clickable link, it will take you to a new webpage or instantly displays a 404 error message and this is said to be the broken link. The most common and even well-known causes for broken links include but not only limited to these only:

  • When the web page is permanently available

  • When the web page permalink was modified or changed

  • When the web page is deleted

  • When the web page is redirected to others – (sometimes)

Our broken links finder is using a smart algorithm that deeply analyzes your entire website for on-page backlinks error. Experts depict that broken links are quite bad for your returning visitors and search engine robots also. Remember that robots of search engine detect web page that has broken links and mark website as non-search engine friendly. Broken links badly hurt the users of your site and even the reputation of your website also. It is really harmful to a website that is prone to broken links as the users can’t fulfill their needs and prefer other resources for better inquiries.

How does the broken links Finder works?

Broken links indicated the same as the head pain for a website. It may cause to confuse and even hurt the users and ranking of a website. Our broken links checker carefully scans the inquiry for a given site and detects all on-page broken links and instantly display in the report with their response code. The above-broken link analyzing tool shows not found broken links with a 404 error response code with its exact anchor text and location.

How to use goseotools Broken Links Finder tool:

Our broken link checker is loaded with a simple and easy user-interface, no registration required, and 100% free. This tool is highly recommended for website owners, webmasters, and SEO experts. Read on!

  • First of all, you have to paste the website URL in the designated box of this tool

  • Very next, simply hit the submit button

  • Once done, this broken links finder shows all the broken pages with their anchor text and exact location with their URL

When you come to know about the broken links, you can verify all the broken pages by browsing!