Change Text Case

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About Change Text Case

The goseotools will provide a smart case converter tool that helps you to convert your text from uppercase to lowercase (vice versa), and in the case that you want.  If you want to change the case or capitalization in the document, then this change text case tool is for you!

Have you ever typed out content, and accidentally left your caps lock on, or made a few capitalization mistakes, and don’t want to waste your time in editing? Don’t fret, the above case converter will transform the case of your texts within the blink of eyes. Also Check Our Reverse Image Search Tool.

Get Ease With This Case Converter:

This change text case application is specifically designed to change the text case of any given text. This application is free and reliable, there is a no need to stick to any registration or sign up process, you just have to copy and paste your text into the designated box and hit the required text case!

Usage of This Caps Converter:

You can readily convert your paper to the different text cases, you just have to copy and paste your text into the designated box and click on the following buttons:

  • Sentence Case – this case capitalize the first letter of each sentence, and the rest of the text is converted to a lower case

  • Lower Case – this case converts all the letter into small letters – for example, business class

  • Upper Case – this case converts all the letters into capital letters – for example, BUSINESS CLASS

  • Capitalized Case – this is the case that capitalized every first letter of the word – for example, Where Is The Business Class

  • Alternate Case – this is the case that will convert letters into alternate uppercase and lower case letters – for example, tYpE BuSiNeSs ClAsSs 

So, put the text into the change text case application and adjust cases as you want!