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There are millions of websites live and operational at the internet. they are hosted and controlled by means of internet servers which are placed all over the international. To find a website and where it is being hosted from requires a listing, without which it'd be clearly not possible to locate web sites. DNS stands for domain name device that's the largest digital database for the net inside the global. This database incorporates statistics about each website inside the global. every website and everysystem that comes at the net has an IP address that's a virtual address. The domain name of a website is stored along with its IP address in this database. The information documents that informan internet server a way to respond to a request by means of a seek browser are referred to as DNS statistics. {/b} {/p}

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In computer jargon, DNS statistics are known as 'mapping files.' whilst a web server sends a request by way of a user to go to a selected website, the request is despatched to the DNS database. This database looks up its statistics, finds the website's IP address and forwards it to the inquiring forserver. once you have this facts, the inquiring for server uses the IP cope with to find the internet siteand show it to the user who initiated the request.

There are letters related to the DNS records that are called DNS syntax. a number of the usually used syntax with all DNS records are; A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, PTR, NS, SOA, SRV, TXT and NAPTR.{/b} {/p}