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About HTML Compressor

This tool ‘HTML Compressor’ is used to compress HTML code and save space in your HTML files. This way HTML files become smaller. This is done by doing the following:

  1. Removing extra spaces 

  2. Removing text line breaks from the code

  3. Replacing double spaces with single spaces   

It is especially a good practice to compress Html if you run a website or service that requires a lot of bandwidth. By doing this you can reduce the size of HTML files, which is considered a best practice online, as it saves a lot of money on your server bills, in case you have a heavy website. You probably know about Search Engine Optimization, this practice of compressing HTML code of your website helps you in the optimization of your website. For instance, your website contains HTML files of 100 MBs; you compress these files to 70 MBs, what will be beneficial for you? 100 MBs will take more time to load; on the other hand, 70 MBs will take comparatively less time. 100 MBs will be difficult for Google crawlers to crawl through, whereas, 70 MBs will prove it more efficient when it comes to crawling. Pinging and indexing will also be affected by compressing your HTML files. These are some benefits of compressing HTML files; there are many more that will require more time to read and more time to write. In simple, if you are a developer or running your business online, this tool is very important for you. This smart and efficient HTML compressor assists you in all of the above-mentioned ways that are, optimization, saving your money, and saving your storage etc. All you need is a stable internet to get this job done for yourself. 

How HTML Compressor Works?

This tool is very efficient and smart as it uses advanced algorithms; therefore, just need HTML code and nothing more. When you get into this tool, there you see a large input field. You either copy your HTML code to this input field or upload an HTML file. Once you are done with this, just click on the Submit button, and wait for a while. Time taken by this depends upon the internet speed and file you are compressing. After your process is completed, you are shown both the original file and compressed file so you can compare the size difference between two file. Also Check Our Reverse Image Search Tool.

The benefit of using ‘HTML compressor’ tool.

Who needs more than a free of cost, all devices compatible, user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) tool where you only need to enter URL and without knowing the technicalities and advanced algorithms, you can have your required result. Without any signup or log in, you can have your required result. Furthermore, this tool has no downloading and installation pre-requisite.