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About JS Minifier

What is JavaScript Minification JavaScript Minification is the process of reducing the script file size by removing comments, extra whitespaces, and new line characters that are not needed for executing JavaScript code. JavaScript Minification may reduce the size of the file by 30 to 90%. The Minification process will not change its original functionality. What are the benefits of JavaScript Minification the JavaScript files need to be downloaded to the client machine before the browser can execute your JavaScript code? Since JavaScript Minification reduces the size of the file, we have the following benefits

1. Reduced download time

2. Less bandwidth consumption of your website

3. Reduced JavaScript execution time as all the comments, extra whitespaces, and new line characters are removed from the minified version

4. Multiple JavaScript files can be compressed into one minified JavaScript file.

This means there are now reduced numbers of HTTP requests to your server, which in turn reduces the load on the server and allows more users to access your website. There are some disadvantages of JS Minification, Readability is lost, debugging can be difficult as comments, extra whitespaces, and new line characters are removed. However, if there is a production issue, use the non-minified version of the script file for debugging. In a production environment use a minified version for performance and in the development environment using the non-minified version for readability and debugging. Now keeping in mind the benefits of JS Minification, One can understand why we need this tool. 

How JS Minifier Works?

Well, this is very important to know because one of the common pushing characteristics of tools is the usage of the tool, its complexity and time were taken by the process. Well, there is no need to worry; it is just a matter of two to three clicks. When you get into this tool, there you see a large input field. You either copy your JS code to this input field or upload the JS file. Once you are done with this, just click on the Submit button, and wait for a while. Time taken by this depends upon the internet speed and file you are compressing. After your process is completed, you are shown both the original file and compressed file so you can compare the size difference between two files. You can download your file too. Also Check Our Reverse Image Search Tool.

Benefits of using JS Minifier tool

You can upload JS file into the input field or you can copy your JS file in order to get your job done. This is free of cost, easy to use tool where you can get your job done with a single flow.