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The internet is the biggest medium of information, and people use this platform to communicate and get information about any topic. Similarly, the internet has billions of websites, and this quantity is increasing day by day. All the websites and resources over the internet are connected through various links. The links that are used to connect various webpages or sites to each other are also known as a hyperlink. These links are essential for the communication and transmission of data over the web. 

As we all know that every website owner wants to get a higher rank in the search engine result pages, and tries to adopt various strategies to achieve this goal. Search Engine Optimization is also revolving around this methodology. One of the significant components of SEO is backlinks, you can check your websites backlinks with this amazing backlinks checker tool. You may also know that backlinks are considered as communication between various webpages over the internet. 

Why Use This Link Analyser tool?

But, what exactly are these backlinks? Why are they considered as the backbone of SEO? Well, it is a well-known fact that a search engine like Google gives higher rank to those sites who are having unique and good quality content. There are various ways to identify a high level of content, and one of the most useful ways is backlink. For instance, if you have written an amazing blog about the current affairs and upload it on your web page. Another famous blogger, read your content and mentioned it on his famous online blog, then it will create a high-quality backlink for your content. The backlinks are the biggest source to promote your content to a large audience. 

However, the quality of the backlinks is critical in this scenario. As we have discussed earlier, Google prefers the sites that are having a high-quality backlink on its content and give them a top rank in SERP, but Google can also penalize the sites that having fake or low-quality backlinks on their webpages. Therefore, it is essential for you to find the quality of all the links on your page. Our amazing online link analyzer enables you to identify all the links existing on your page that will assist you in checking the quality of these links without any hesitation.