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About Link Price Calculator

The accomplished team of goseotools provided you with a link price calculator that helps you to find out the estimated price that is to be charged or paid for a particular domain. Simply, by using this tool, you can readily calculate the link price using this tool.

Sometimes, this tool is also referred to as a Website price checker or website price calculator. 

Accurate Calculations With this Link Price Calculator:

This smart tool performs an accurate calculation based on factors like Alexa ranking, backlinks, the age of the site, and even other services, as well. No, doubt, these are the important considerations for advertisers when they aim to get the link price of a particular domain. With the ease of this link price tool, you can readily get quick price estimates for your links. Simply, utilize this tool to know how much you should be charging or paying for a specific link each month.

The tool is simple but highly accurate; you don’t need to possess any technical or programming skills at all to use this SEO tool.

The link price calculator is very effective for bloggers, webmasters, advertisers, as well as internet marketers. Our tool is using an efficient algorithm to check several URL’s. The above tool proves a useful SEO tool, which generates the price of a URL instantly. This SEO tool uses a unique algorithm to determine the website’s reputation that depends on ranking, age, backlinks, and other factors.

For webmasters, our link price calculator works best as it gives an estimation of the amount that should be charged for a given URL or a text link. 

So, once you get the estimated price for your link, then you can readily negotiate with webmasters who wish to buy or sell their links.

Remember that the links prices are not constant at all; they can fluctuate over time as they based on the website’s traffic. So, if you have more visitors coming to your websites, then no doubt the selling price of your links go up. And, t=if the traffic of your site goes down, then the prices of your links will decrease. 

How to use the Link Price Calculator Tool?

The link price calculator is loaded with user-friendly interface; you ought to stick to the given steps to get instant results:

  • First of all, you have to enter the URL in the designated box of this tool

  • You can be able to add as much as 100 URLs

  • Remember that each URL should be on the separator line

  •   Once done, hit the submit button of this link price calculator – the tool shows you the link price in US dollars on a monthly basis