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All webmasters and SEO experts agreed that backlinks are the key to increasing the rank of websites on many search engines. That’s why a goseotools provided an efficient moz backlink extractor that might work best for you!

All webmasters and SEO experts are well aware of the Moz. Moz is a very famous SEO expert center worldwide that build best-in-class SEO software for every situation, search engines algorithms, panda and penguin updates. We provided Moz backlink extractor that is a quite useful tool to extract backlinks from the Moz database. The above tool makes use of API at its backend, so it offers you the result by scanning the respective Moz backlinks database.

Benefits of Moz Backlink Checker tool:

This Moz backlink checker tool is very effective in analyzing the best backlinks for your websites. It assists you to increase organic traffic. Also, it checks that the content on the tool should be effective so that you can attain relevant and high authority links. This monitor also helps you to monitor brands and maintain a relationship with influencers. 

How You Uses Moz Backlink Checker?

Moz backlink extractor is loaded with a user-friendly interface that is 100% free, also there is no need for registration while using our smart tool. All you need to enter or copy and paste your web URL into the given field and select the number of backlinks that you want to generate from the given drop-down menu. Once done, you have to click on the submit button. The tool provides you with the inbound links report for your respective URL within a couple of seconds. By default, the tool provides you 50 to 1000 inbound links reports. Right after, you will be able to export the result or copy your result to the clipboard, you can select the appropriate option according to your needs.