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About Open Graph Checker

The term open graph might be new and scary to many people. First, let us understand what open graph or open graph protocol is. The open graph protocol allows developers to leverage social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc in exciting and smart ways. For instance, if you are services or product seller on the internet and you want to advertise your website so maximum numbers of people can reach your website and know what your services or products are. For this purpose, you need some efficient and smart steps; you need to find out where on the internet you can introduce your website to a maximum number of people. Everyone knows that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc are the ideal platform for this work. Share your website content on this platform and you are done with your website advertisement.

Now the second thing is, what to mention in your shares so people can be easily attracted to your website and you can get more and more website visits. One of the easiest ways to get this job done is to add open graph Meta tags to your site. Open Graph Meta tags allow you to control what content shows up when you share your website on social media platforms. To understand this better try to share a YouTube video on Whatsapp, you see a preview of the shared video with image, title, and description; all this is done and controlled in Open graph (OG) tags. This online open graph checker provides you with open graph tags of your website. This free of cost, easily available and easy to use tool helps you in your website’s advertisement and tells you what will show up when your site is shared on social media platforms.

How Open Graph Checker Works

Well, for those who think that there should be some hard steps to get this job done, you need not to worry about this. Throw your negative thoughts behind your back, get into this smart and efficient tool, and get yourself benefitted. You see an input field, put your URL in this field and click on the submit button, Wait for a second and you have what is necessary for you. You get six open graph tag values against your URL.

  1. Open Graph title

  2. Open Graph name

  3. Open Graph type

  4. Open Graph description

  5. Open Graph Image

  6. Open Graph URL

What is the benefit of using the Open Graph Checker Tool?

  1. No need to download and install any software or tool on your device

  2. No device constraints

  3. User-friendly Graphical User Interface

  4. Shows results in an organized and simple way

  5. Free of cost and available with all features

  6. No sign up or log in is required