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About Plagiarism Checker

Yes, instantly compare your text over billions of sources with the ease of this Plagiarism Checker. Our Plagiarism Checker is a smart tool for finding the places where citations belong within content!

What Is A Plagiarism Checker Tool?

The goseotools designed this duplicate content checker – This tool looks for your piece of content on the internet, which is better than manually looking for your text over Search Engines. This free and smart Plagiarism Checker can go through every database within a couple of seconds. If you want to know how many sites have copied content from yours, then allow this content analysis tool to check out the originality of text! 

No doubt, you can find several ways to avoid duplication one of which is said to be as paraphrasing. If you are not good at article writing or spinning, then you should have to hire a writer to save your website’s progress. Unique and quality content is an important factor that plays a vital role to rank your website. You can see that several sites that use copied content, especially those people who just make their sites for promotion & aren’t aware of the rules of Search Engines.

Keep in mind – the crawlers of Google’s visit several websites in one day, and when the spider bots find similar content on two different sites, the bots index the one which is old and neglect the newly posted one!  So, individuals who are new to this information, then they can try our free plagiarism checker to find out the duplication.

Most accurate and Free Plagiarism Checker:

You can find several duplicate content checker tools that work in a different way by ignoring the cited and quoted content, which means if the content were somewhere in-between the quotations, it wouldn’t be found. But, our Plagiarism Checker is the most accurate tool that searches through every database on the internet. Don’t fret, this content analysis tool is 100% free that everyone can reach from any smartphone or computer. If you are a content writer and care for duplication, then you ought to bookmark this Plagiarism Checker to get even faster access. 

Why is duplicate content bad for SEO?

It is a pretty common question that usually asked by individuals. We answer this here! Yes, duplicate content is not only confusing Google but also forces the search engine to choose which of the identical pages it should rank in the top results. It doesn’t matter who produced the original content, the high possibility is that the original page will not be the one chosen for the top search outcomes. 


When you know how to use this free Plagiarism Checker, it means you have all the opportunities to improve your content. All you need to run the scan, find out the copied content, and just spend some time to make necessary changes. 

However, the result that you will get this dupli checker contains links of the websites if it finds your content on multiple platforms. So, here you can check for plagiarism and instantly contact the owner of the website to remove the stuff. Good Luck! Also, check our Article Spinner tool it helps to remove plagiarism from the content.