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About Twitter Card Generator

Let us first understand what twitter card is and how do we use them, what are the benefits of twitter card because without knowing this we are not in a position to understand the importance of this tool ‘twitter card generator’. Twitter is one of the widely used social media platforms and is used by large and small businesses for attracting more and more traffic to their websites. You might have come across posts on Twitter where images, headings, and descriptions are attached with tweets and look like a card. When any part of that card is clicked, the whole card works as a URL and take you to a new website. This URL-based card on Twitter is known as a Twitter card. 

In other words, a Twitter card is a multimedia add-on to tweets; twitter will add them to tweets that include your website URL if you have a ‘twitter: card’ Meta tag in your site header, specifying the type of card you want that are summary large image twitter card and summary twitter card, player and product, etc. Now come to the question, how can you use Twitter cards for marketing and why twitter cards are necessary. If you are using twitter, you probably know that tweets have a very short life span. This short life span makes tweets quite tricky to get your message out there. This is why twitter cards can be very handy. You can use mainly four types of twitter cards website cards, video website cards, image app cards, video app cards. This online web-based tool assists you to create your twitter card of any type and allows you to copy the code and use it in your website code. 

How does Twitter card generator work?

This tool seems difficult to use but actually it is not if you have a little know-how of elements in Meta tag. In this tool, you see some input fields and dropdowns that are required to be filled in order to make a twitter card. Fill iPhone App Id and Ipad app id fields against respective apps. In-App country field fills with the country where your app is available primarily. Once you are done with these fields, copy the code from the code portion by just clicking the copy button.

Why this Twitter Card Generator tool?

The Twitter card is a bit technical and needs a basic understanding of back end code, but you need not worry about anything. This tool takes care of every technicality. Just fill in the required fields and your code can be seen in preview dynamically changing, then copy your code with just one click. You neither need to pay a single penny to anyone nor you need to sign up or log in. furthermore, you are provided with these articles that make your understanding easy about this tool.