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About URL Rewriting Tool

The goseotools provided you with a free URL Rewriting Tool that helps to check the URL’s whether it is a static or dynamic URL. Simply, this smart URL tool converts dynamic into a static URL within a couple of seconds. The basic purpose of this URL Rewriting Tool it to improve the user ability and search engine friendliness of your site URL.

A URL is an acronym for a Uniform Resource Locator; it is referred to as the web address of a website or a web-page. You can account this to locate a web source on a computer network and retrieve the same. Also, the URL finds its application in an email, file transfer, database access, and so on. 

Why Use a URL Rewriting Tool?

In simple words, you can utilize the above tool to convert a complicated URL into simpler on so as to make it user-friendly. For example, you can assess a site with a complicated URL by simply entering the converted simpler URL into the address bar. However, the new URL redirects you to the same site, by this, you don’t need to memorize the complicated URL and manually enter it. Also, it eliminates the tedious process of carefully cutting and pasting such a long character string.

Advantages of a static URL:

  • A static URL assist in optimizing the site for the purpose of search engine ranking

  • A static URL is the easy and best way to remember and bookmark

  • A static URL is SEO-friendly and that’s the reason why it impacts your website traffic

  • A static URL is indexed very quickly as compared to dynamic ones

  • With the ease of static URL, the web page loads faster and so have a manageable interface

  • A static URL is quick, economic, and very easy to develop

  • A static URL is said to be as cost-efficient to host

Disadvantages of a static website:

  • A static website only provides you with basic information

  • Experts depicted that with a static website, you run a risk of your site content getting set off

  • Updating/modifying a static site needs web how-know

Advantages of a dynamic website:

  • A dynamic site is more functional and even easy to understand

  • You can readily operate and update the dynamic site

  • A dynamic site does not cause any problems when web visitors interact

  • A dynamic site allows the owner and end-users to exchange information

Disadvantages of a dynamic website:

  • Dynamic websites are expensive to develop and even expensive to host


How to use URL Rewriting Tool?

The URL rewriting tool is very easy to use – if you want to turn your long dynamic URL into a shorter you just have to stick to the following steps:

  • You just have to enter the URL in the designated box

  • Once done, then simply hit the submit button of this URL rewriting tool, the tool will efficiently process your request and generate the shorter and static URL

Remember that our URL rewriting tool is immensely important for website owners and webmasters as it can greatly assist in promoting and reaching out to a wider range of audiences worldwide.